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Müller Family
Família Müller

Magdeburger Börde, Sachsen Anhalt, Braunschweig and Brazil.

Börde, 1645


This is an update of my webpage “Família Müller”, which originally it was writing in Portuguese and hosted at geocities, about more than ten years ago. Our Müller family dates back 360 years and currently 12 generations. It starts out as early as the late 1600s with Elias Müller, inkeeper in Sommersdorf, Börde, Sachsen-Anhalt. He was one of the first residents of Sommersdorf, after the Thirty Years War (Dreißigjähriger Krieg 1618-1648). Then the married of his son, cottagers Peter Müller, the daughter of Matthias Krüger, Margarethe Elisabeth Matthias, and since then is the pitcher with Kossatenhof in possession Müller family. The Peter Müller followed about 1740 by his son Johann Friedrich Müller, then of around 1770-1795 Conrad Müller, 1795-1817 Peter Johann Christoph Müller. Jacob Müller, grandson of Elias, starting another family lineage in Helmstedt. In fact, we are direct descendants of more than just the Müllers. In Germany alone our ancestors carried the surnames of: Pabst, Mathiass, Haussmann, Falcken, Eldau, Riemann, Niemann, Grote and others. These families also lived the moments of the reform of Luther, the Thirty Years' War and the Black Death that carried off most of population.
The family chart attempts to track family members by generation, as well as lineage, and contact information.This site is maintained by Carlos Henrique Müller, a 11th generation member of the Müller family. Suggested corrections, updates and additions should be through the contact form. Here, I show a few of results my work, at over fifteen years of studies, which I have dedicated to research of my genealogy.

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City Coat of Arms Sommersdorf, Helmstedt, Harbke, Braunschweig and Schöningen

This page belongs to Carlos Henrique Müller. Copyright ©
Angelina, Santa Catarina, Brasil.
Last Update, February 20
, 2015.

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