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About the Author

In Itajai city, at the grave of my ancestors.

    I was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 47 years old. Researching the genealogy of my family for over fifteen years. I'm the occupational doctor, currently exercising my activities in Brazilian civil construction company in the Republic of Guinea Equatorial. Besides partner of Institute of Genealogy of Rio Grande Do Sul (INGERS), am a founder member of the Institute of Genealogy of Santa Catarina (INGESC). I have two daughters, and presently live in Angelina City, Santa Catarina. Recently, I published an article about my ancestor Wilhelm Müller in the "Anuário de Itajaí" (Itajaí yearbook), an annual publication of the Foundation Genesio Miranda Lins (FGML) of Itajai, Santa Catarina.Currently I'm writing the story of my ancestors, for future publication (book).


    Here I leave the gratitude to all relatives (cousins: Monik, Lilian and Carlos Roberto and uncles) who is helping me with new information, stories and family pictures. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Marcos Schroeder, who obtained a copy of the diary written in german by my ancestor, in the Historical Archives of Blumenau, Santa Catarina.


    Below, a photo of our meeting in Joinville, "Encontro Maria Thereza Böbel", a nostalgic tribute to our friend and companion, held on 08/09/2006, in Joinville Tennis Club, in Joinville, Santa Catarina. Present at the meeting:

Pedro Silva Inácio, Carin Wetzel, Douglas Diener and wife, Niels Deeke and his wife Joanna, Luiz Scherner and wife, Carlos Henrique Müller and wife, Heidi e Renato Hardt, Brigitte Brandenburg and Luiz Olsen, Cesário Simões, Paulo Roberto da Silva, Paulo Jürgensen and his mother, Antônio Roberto Nascimento and wife, Henry Henkels, Elpídio Neves, Alberto Durão Coelho, Luciano Viking, Romeu Böbel, Karina Böbel, Mrs. Jutta Hagemann, Ricardo Costa de Oliveira and wife, Aryo Olsen, Belisário Händchen and Guilherme Augusto Heinemann Gassenferth.

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