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Diary notes

Street Lauro Müller, Itajaí.

For several years, Wilhelm Müller made notes in his copybooks. He reported several subjects, his personal life, and especially of family events, everyday life of Itajaí. Most of these books were destroyed after his death, the next World War II period. At that time, the persecution of Germans and their descendants, was promoted by the Government of the President of Brazil in that period, Getúlio Vargas. Were grounds for arrest and imprisonment, speaking in German, write or disseminate materials in German. Possibly for this reason, coupled with the fact that it is written there much of the events of several families of that period, the diaries were destroyed by family. Except, a specimen for the year 1899, which, I finished the translation, just over two years. This material, along with the memories of other family members and also with several other sources of information that I could recover, will become in the near future, a book, which I am still writing, and that will tell the story of my ancestor.

January 10, 1889 - Tomorrow I want to travel to Blumenau in order for my business there. Samuel (Samuel Heusi) goes along because it will take your child to Salinger (Gustav Salinger) as an apprentice. If the steam out early, as usual, I can go back to the steam Blumenau Thursday. If necessary, wait until Saturday.

January 12, 1889 - The journey is over and I pray to God, that so soon I do not need to go there again. Despite the good company of Samuel, both trips were very fastidious. If I am not forced by business or other matters, no one will see me up there. Expenditure exceeded my budget, because I thought of bringing something back from my 750 thousand reis, but I was still 300 thousand reis should Willi. The doctor's bill that we calculated at 300 reis was 500 thousand reis. Hotel instead of 300 thousand reis were 440 thousand reis. So wrong on my account for 300 thousand reis.

3rd day of Easter. April 4. (Monday to play bowling). A cloudy day possibly bring rain. We are working in front of the house, in the work of Mr. Palumbo and also in part of the funds, so that I can have them place the roof as soon as possible, as in the work of Mr. Brandão, the stones are running out and there could make the roof. Sources wanted to begin demolishing soon after the party and I need there be prepared to start work there in 14 days. Also the front of the house and the wall that divides the land, between Mr. Donato and the Mr. Marlburg should be started soon.

August 26, 1899, Saturday. Our Willy (Wilhelm Andreas Müller) is celebrating its 28th anniversary. Already greet him by letter through Rebbeln. Looks like it rained a lot during the night and when we raise, had stopped, but still is not completely secure. In the work of Hundt put the last door and window and next week we can finish everything. The singing society (without songs) plans a tour with picnic tomorrow and yesterday already gathered all the wagons and carriages that are here, but this time, certainly will be delayed for days or weeks, as this would be tempting God, get going cold and frosty weather with this sullen, wandering around in nature. My leg was bothering him during the night and spent a lot of work. Marriage of Leo Bauer with the second daughter of Manoel Pereira. The weather was so bad the whole day till night.

October 17, 1899, Tuesday.
32 years ago I left my homeland. The unpleasant scene that I experienced last is still in my memory. A long time passed, and even then, certain experiences remain fresh in the memory, especially if unpleasant. The hopes that I brought from my old homeland were more than satisfied, because there were so much that I can live on my savings, as I do today, because my dream was to have a small piece of land with a beautiful little house , further than this my dreams would not imagine. God blessed me with work and, in a way, also with health.

December 18, Monday. Today the weather is not better than yesterday and have fallen some rain showers. We could not work on Hansen wall, as both the wall and the stones are completely soaked. I sent the staff everywhere to repair the damage caused by rain and make improvements in the works, as in the Hundt and Marlburg. These small services give me more work than when I drive a great work, because the staff is very dependent and must always be behind and in front of all. Today, for example, must always be on the move in 4 or 5 different places. In the afternoon I made a break and went to play bowling and this really was a fun and everything was in better harmony. In the afternoon it did not rain and maybe now the weather improves. It would be very desirable.

[3] about of death of his first wife, on board the ship Victoria, when they emigrated to Brazil.

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