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Harbke  is mentioned for the first time in 1040 and changed his name to "Hartbike", "Hartbeke" and "Harpke" to this Harbke (har = forest; bek = brook). In the year 1308, Bertram and Ludolf von Veltheim make basic rule in place and so creating an ancestral sequence, which should determine the next 637 years. Under their rule, resulting castle, church, park and fancy woods, and many still preserved half-timbered buildings. After 1572 the Castle and Church of St. Levin is built. In memory of the builder, it is decorated with an epitaph that Achaz of Veltheim and his wife, Margaret of Saldern shows, with 32 ancestral coat of arms. The tower is grown 1718-19. 1731 all the buildings of the manor, with the exception of the castle, destroyed by fire. 1744 begin the first plantations in Harbker Lustgarten. During a visit (1805) at the University of Helmstedt and Professor Gottfried Christoph Beireis miracle man, the family physician is the von Veltheim, Goethe introduced at the castle to Harbke. 1842, drilled at the instigation of the Earl of Veltheim Roettger, the first brown coal shaft in Harbke. This laid the foundation for almost 150 years lignite industry is set in and around Harbke. Harbke not least as the main area of the robber chief Rose

In addition to the Protestant Church St. Levin is in Harbke since 1913 the Catholic Church of St. Joseph, which is in use since about 2011 but not for regular services.

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