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Photo taken in front of the first headquarters of the Shooters Club on August 20, 1899.

Schützenverein Itajahy
The Shooters Society

The Shooters Society is a very old institution and it was very important in areas of German colonization in southern Brazil. In this region, these societies had an importance comparable to that achieved only in medieval Germany, where they had intended to defend the feudal castles and cities in times of wars.  In the medieval times, in villages, where families lived in adjoining houses and the neighborly relations developed normally, with a closer interaction between members of the community. Institutions like the Churches and recreational societies (such as “Schützenverein”) were not so important.

Festival of the shooters in the medieval period

At the time of the feudal lords, who possessed immense forests, large parties, motivated by hunting were held in their possessions. Friends from distant regions came to the hunting fraternity, which lasted several days. Preceded the hunt, the parade and entertainment of every kind, with the participation of heads of family clans. The shields and banners of the nobles were flown at prominent places of the meetings for those hunting days and parties. The product of the hunt was transformed into a festive banquet which lasted for days. In the end, the total hunting was collected. One who had obtained the highest amount, he was proclaimed king of hunting. Then the next year, the new king must meet the guests on your property and offer hospitality and the hunt that year. After the celebrations, families withdrew and a new hunt was expected the following year.

In Itajaí Valley, principally because of low population density, the celebrations of these societies were of great importance to integrate the members of the colonial community. In colonial areas, the society of shooters (Schützenverein), it was a very important institution, both to keep the traditions as a means of bringing together in practice most of the settlers of German origin in a big party. This Shooters Society existed and still exists in all areas of German colonization in southern Brazil and was transported in Germany as worked there in the nineteenth century. The celebration of shooters (Schützenfest) was awaited with great interest by the population. At this party, had the opportunity the immigrant settler would have to meet with friends.

Schützenverein "Itajahy"

The “Schützenverein Itajahy” was founded in April 28th, 1895 by a group of citizens of Germanic origin residents in Itajai, and belonging to many of the most famous and traditional local families, associated with other persons, with Lusitanian and Italian origin. Some of founding members were: Pedro Bauer, Wilhelm Müller, Gabriel Heil, Jãoo Gern, Mathias Bauer, Alfred Eicke, Julio Willerding, Otto Moldenhauer, Julius Galle, Ernst Julius Schneider, Heinrich Ehrlich, Angelo Rodi, Emilio Palumbo, Dorval Paulino de Campos, Joaquim Espíndola e João Rodrigues Pereira. This society was a bit different from the others founded of the valley region. Although cultivate Germanic traditions (the founders were mostly of German origin, families of portuguese and italian origins were between they). Also the fact that the city existed before the colonization period.

festivities were open to the general public, through advertising board, made in newspapers of that time by Directors. Many people were part of the entertainments, shared by a number of German-speaking immigrants and his families, but that did not exclude the participation of native Brazilians.

On the book "Itajai, Cem anos de município” (“Itajaí, One Hundred Years of the City), written by Laercio Cunha e Silva, he mentions that in 1899, presided over the Society Mr. Gabriel Heil, and others members of management were: Mr. João Rodrigues Pereira, Otto Moldenhauer, Emilio Palumbo, Juli
us Galle and Pedro Bauer. In the election of January 6, 1899 were elected: President: Paulo Bauer, Vice: Julius Galle, Treasurer: Otto Moldenhauer, Secretary: Emilio Palumbo, Assistant: Angelo Correa. Mr. Dorval Paulino de Campos has assumed Music Band Director.

The participation of people in these club events were made public, through the notes prepared by directors, that included the participants and winners of the tournaments. The newspapers commented on the beautiful parties promoted, which always reigned the greatest joy.

The main activities were the practice of shooting and ball, Balls scheduled by the Board, and the feast of the Holy Spirit. Some names of winners and participants of tournaments shots:
Julius Galle, Wilhelm Müller, Otto Moldenhauer, Ernst Schneider, Hermann Friese, Pedro Bauer, João Gern, Julio Willerding, Gabriel Heil, João Bauer Junior, Joseph Dittrich, Adriano Kormann, Victor Olinger, Criste Fermino , among others.

The Society of shooters has a difficult historical reconstruction. Because of the disappearance of the first books and others documents, that kept the story of its constitution and recorded the main facts socials. All documentation was collected to the Department of security in Florianópolis, during the Second World War and other objects and documents were destroyed when was the occupation of the building society, for a Company of Brazilian Army, then stationed in Itajai.

Currently, the Society remains, but under another name: “Clube de Caça e Tiro Vasconcelos Drumond”. The old building was replaced by another, built in masonry. Thus, the old Schuetezen Verein Itajahy remain only the oral tradition and the memories left by Juventino Linhares. His head office is located at Rua Uruguay, near to Univali University. One of the jobs I have been developing, is precisely the rescue of social events, parties, and tournaments held during the first twenty years of existence of this club.

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