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Arminio Mueller, Standard Worker of Santa Catarina - 1973

    On 25 October this year, in the Palace of Industries in Florianopolis, was chosen, among sixteen competitors, Mr. Arminio Mueller, as the "Standard Worker of Santa Catarina" in order to represent our state in the next contest to elect the "Workers' Standard of Brazil" and to be held in Salvador, capital of Bahia, in mid-November of this year (1973).

     The elected belongs to CELESC (Central Electric of Santa Catarina), session Blumenau. He was born in the May 2, 1911 in Itajai and  is the son of Mr. Franz Mueller, former bookkeeper of the Paul and Company, Subsidiary of Itajai, and grandson the German architect, Mr. Wilhem Mueller, builder of many commercial and residential buildings in the city of Itajai, where he served on July 26, 1890, the post of mayor and municipal councilor later quadrennium in 1903/1907.
     The boy Arminio studied at the School Group "Victor Meirelles" until the 3rd grade education when he fell seriously ill and had to leave school, after all, has always shown during the lessons, its great advantage, receiving as a reward for merit, the carnet "Pequena Pátria” (Little homeland) offered by the City Superintendent of Itajaí and authoring my late father's Marcos Konder.

     Once cured the disease, was employed as a mechanic apprentice in Plant Machinery and Foundry Guido and later in Brazil Mining Metallurgical Company (Cobrasil). In 1931 the young Arminius came to the workshops of the Railroad Santa Catarina, Blumenau as Officer of 1st. Class and which alternately occupied the position of the driver always remembered steamer "Blumenau" for five years. In 1936 finally came to the table of employees of the former Power and Light Company Santa Catarina today CELESC, where it remains today, always acting with love and honesty.

     He exercised with great care the position of your maintenance and mechanical assembly, selecting their subordinates to form teams made up of responsible and qualified for the smooth running of power plants and substations. During 37 years of stay in the powerful company, he served as mechanical fitter, machinist, plant operator and even master workshop. The “itajaiense” Arminio Mr. Mueller also became interested in the improvement of various electrical and mechanical appliances, thereby enabling better performance and productivity. The most important moment of her life was the salvation of power plant of Salto, when twice been threatened by occasional fires, but promptly quashed under your command.

    These findings emphasize the community and trade union life of Mr. Arminio Mueller, syndicated since 1933, was Secretary General of the Union of Metalworkers of Itajaí and as Celesc server, is the union of workers in the hydropower component of the Itajaí valley industries where held important positions. It bears various degrees of specialization courses, especially for the Prevention of Accidents. He is a member of the Association of Parents and Teachers of Municipal School "Machado de Assis," the “Itoupava Seca” neighborhood. Held several important works, among them, the assembly of a fast ferry lightweight designed to rescue people in case of large floods, which invention submitted to the Mayor of Blumenau.

     Mr. Arminio Mueller is the father of four children: Carlos, 32; Hayde, 31; Vera, 19, and Cesar, the youngest of eight years. He is the nephew of the late Rear Admiral Fritz Müller, also a son of the late Mr. Wilhelm Müller.

     I should mention that the honoree possesses in its power, lovingly saved a document of great value to the history of our "little homeland". Mr. Franz Mueller, father of Mr. Arminio, when he was very young, in need of a bail bond in order to occupy a position of responsibility, the Paulista Railroad Company, São Paulo, asked his old father Mr. Wilhelm Mueller to serve as a guarantor, with two more witnesses, subscribing the same senior Messrs. Marcos Konder, my paternal grandfather, and Wilhelm Asseburg, great point guard. The content of the document was the following (respecting its old spelling):

Honorable Mr. Baron of Jaguará, Worthy President of officials Companhia Paulista, São Paulo. Find him Sr.Franz Muller serving as an employee in the Paulista Railroad Company, and as such, responsible for money and more valuables that receives the sound of 2:000 $ 000 (two "Tales"), and as the Sir continue to hold the position occupied must guarantor, will have the honor to address myself to you in order to make it appear that by this directory to force myself as debtor and principal paying 2:000 in the amount of $ 000 (two contos ) became my bailed Mr. Franz Muller achieved in their accounts with the Company; I waive any privilege that it has, may be the same company reach me as guarantor, or even Mr. Franz Muller as you see fit, because that is why I force my person and property taken, and for have. The trial thus guaranteed the solvency of my guaranteed if the directory does not claim any statement that I'm understanding what she thinks accepts bail by this give and worth deed for proper EFFECT. God rest Sir (signatures on an imperial seal, in the amount of five thousand reis): Itajahy, March 16, 1891 Wilhelm Müller. We Recognize the registered dealer, signing up, Marcos Konder and Guilherme Asseburg. (In the back of the document) - recognize the signatures wire Wilhelm Muller, Marcos Konder and WilhelmAsseburg, are its own, give faith. Notary Acting, Francisco José do Nascimento.

     Before closing this my unpretentious work, I wish to present to the worthy countryman and friend Mr. Arminio Mueller, my effusive congratulations extended to their family ones, which, at this time, must be vain with justifiable pride.

Blumenau, October 31, 1973.
(Gustavo Adolpho Konder)

Original article in portuguese: Konder, Gustavo Adolpho: Armínio Mueller, Operário Padrão de Santa Catarina – 1973,  Revista Blumenau em Cadernos. Text kindly sent for publication on this website, by Carlos Roberto Mueller, Blumenau - SC.

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