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Relatives in U.S.A.

Through oral history handed down by family members, it is known that Wilhelm Müller told a relative that he possible immigrated to the United States. Initially I thought I could treat a brother, but this hypothesis was not confirmed through research, because his mother died at the young and the studied period, no registered birth was found in the books of baptism Lutheran Church St. Stephani in Helmstedt. Might be a birth record in another church, even located in another location nearby, but so far, nothing has been found.

Could still be an uncle or a cousin, whom he could have referred to as brother. Among the few records of Helmstedt immigrants to the United States,
I found a"Carl Müller", born in 1818, the same age his mother's brother. But this relative Carl was married. The most interesting thing about this is that I found no record of birth of children of Carl and his wife, and even death, which may indicate that they came out of Helmstedt.

From Bremen to USA:

Carl Müller, 31 years, farmer, place at last residence: Helmstedt, arrived at New York at September 25, 1849, Ship Rhein.

The only family from Helmstedt to New York, from Hamburg, is the follow:

Departure from Hamburg: Jan 12, 1881
Ship: Herder
Master: Brandt,C.L.

Heinrich Müller, (31 years, born around 1850), miner, his wife Minna, 23 and children Carl (5) , Franz (2), and August (9 months). Also from Helmstedt, ain this trip, a Family Hartamnn.

So far, my pursuits has been concentrated on the research of more distant ancestors, family not emigrated and their descendants and also the collection of historical facts or everyday family life, such as occupation, place of residence, and others informations.

But, I don´t relate this Müller family in my genealogy tree and, at this time, my ancestor, Wilhelm was in Brazil.

For now, this family lineage remains unknown, pending further results of research conducted in Germany.

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