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    The community Völpke is in the range of the southern foothills of the ridge Lappwald, near the border with Lower Saxony. It is located 9 km east of Helmstedt and 13 km south-east of Schoningen. The surrounding area between Aller, Lappwald and Elm is hilly and has heights up to 200 m above sea level.

    In the certificate of the bishop "Reinhard von Halberstadt" from the year 1118, in which the possessions of the monastery Huysburg was confirmed Völpke is mentioned for the first time. Finds from human occupation remains on the outskirts as well as 2 kilometers west of Völpke, evidence of a settlement from prehistoric times. Since the 13th century the village belonged to the monastery Marie Born screen and rights but were perceived by the Sommerschenburg 1625, during the 30 years' War, the place of imperial troops occupied under Wallenstein, but without scraping major damage to next 1774.

    The 1787-1788 established Protestant church "St. Margaret "is a single-nave building, in a bell tower was included. Because we built this on 120 oak posts, it is unique among the buildings in the surrounding area.

    Völpke had a long mining tradition. Under the agricultural excellent beading floor are partly significant lignite deposits. Since the beginning of the 19th century was mined in the Helmstedt mining area underground lignite, industrial promotion began after 1847. 1872 a railway connection after Eilsleben was put into operation, which made it possible to transport the coal. With the industrial boom, the population increased in the area Völpke / Harbke rapidly. 1898, the briquette factory was founded, a little later the wax factory was built.

    The lignite industry in the area went out after the reunification of Germany: the open pit "Wulfersdorf" was closed in 1989, 1991 also included the power plant in neighboring Harbke.


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